SysML FAQ: What is new in the OMG SysML v. 1.3 minor revision?

OMG SysML v. 1.3 Minor Revision Change Summary:
  • Redefinition of Physical Flows : Deprecation of Flow Specifications. Addition of Nested Ports and Proxy Ports, and support for hierarchically nested Interfaces.
  • Architectural alignment with UML v. 2.4.1 metamodel changes
Critical Comment:
Although UML 1.x Flow Specifications were well known to be flawed due to their gratuitous complexity, their deprecation and replacement by two new (and unproven) physical Ports types (Nested Ports, Proxy Ports) in a minor revision risks compounding Physical Flow problems. Such significant structural changes to OMG SysML, which is merely a Profile of UML 2.x, should be undertaken in the scope of a major revision to SysML, not a minor revision. Further note that major revisions to UML and OMG SysML and UML (i.e., SysML 2.0 and UML 3.0, respectively) are both long overdue since the OMG adopted UML 2.0 over thirteen years ago, and it adopted OMG SysML v. 1.0 over ten years ago.

You can download the OMG SysML v. 1.3 specification, as well as specifications for previous versions, from the SysML Specifications page.

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