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Selected SysML Books

A Practical Guide to SysML by S. Friedenthal, et al.

TITLE/AUTHOR: A Practical Guide to SysML by S. Friedenthal, et al.
  • Comprehensive coverage of OMG SysML with relatively high technical accuracy.
  • Solid introduction to SysML behavioral modeling.
  • Provides a good overview of the Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach.
  • Not as practical as it claims: examples tend to be simplistic or academic; doesn't address model scalability or architecture integrity issues in a convincing manner.
  • Suffers from multiple-authors/group-writing syndrome: writing and example qualities are uneven and inconsistent.
  • Relatively weak on SysML structural modeling.
  • Includes excessive method (OOSEM) propaganda that detracts, rather than adds, to the main subject.
BOTTOM LINE: Although this book claims to be a practical guide, it often reads more like an abridged specification than a pragmatic "how to" SysML modeling book. While mediocre, it is currently the best OMG SysML book to date in what remains a limited field. (There are 100 UML books listed on Amazon, but only a handful of books that feature SysML.) If you choose to read this book, make sure you back it up with one or more practical UML modeling books, since sound UML modeling principles and best practices will also work with the SysML dialect. (SysML is a profile of the UML.)
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Systems Engineering with SysML/UML by T. Weilkins

SysML for Systems Engineering by J. Holt, et al.

SysML par l'exemple (SysML by Example) by Pascal Roques

Selected SysML Papers & Articles

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